Dan & Erica | Wedding | Rockford, Illinois

  You never know where destination wedding photography is going to take you and who you are going to meet. Sometimes, it takes you right back to where you started and to people that you have known all along. For read more

Eric & Mary Anne | Wedding | Vail, Colorado

There are so many things that I just love about Eric & Mary Anne, starting with the fact that they are true Vail, Colorado locals in my eyes. When they aren’t hiking over mountain passes, they’re competing in mountain bike read more

Peter & Stephanie | Wedding | Redstone, Colorado

I can’t say enough about how great Peter & Stephanie are and how perfect they are for each other. I met with them for the first time a few months ago at their apartment in Denver, in the company of read more

Bob & Nicole | Wedding | Vail, Colorado

When I first met Bob & Nicole I was instantly so excited to work with them. They both represent to me everything that I love about the locals here in Vail, Colorado. Big hearts and adventurous spirits. They both love read more

Conor & Sydney | Wedding | Eagle, Colorado

My first thought when I was asked to photograph Conor and Sydney’s wedding was, “This is going to be, SO. MUCH. FUN!” Their wedding was just that, an extremely fun day filled with more laughs than I can count. Conor read more

Fran & Christina | Wedding | Annapolis, Maryland

Fran and Christina’s wedding was as sweet and modest as they are. Fran and Christina both live in Denver and just like most everyone else in Colorado, they are from somewhere else. With Christina’s family in Atlanta and Fran’s grandparents read more

Mark & Brooke | Wedding | Vail, Colorado

Mark & Brooke’s wedding in Vail, Colorado was simply incredible. I had the chance to get to know Mark & Brooke from the time that they first started dating and have been blessed to build a friendship with them over read more

Sweet Mana | Product Photography | Jamie Schauss

  Jamie has to be one of the sweetest people I know. She started her company, Sweet Mana, with such an amazing philosophy. “The principles of feng shui are deeply rooted in the creation of Sweet Mana products to help read more

Bob & Nicole | Engaged | Vail, Colorado

         Vail, Colorado locals, Bob and Nicole, are everything that I love about the people that I have met while living in the mountains. They are as laid back, easy going, active and as unbelievably fun as read more

Family Portraits | Moore Family | Vail, Colorado

When the Moore family called me looking for a photographer on their recent trip to Vail, Colorado, I was so excited to meet with them. We were fortunate to have a beautiful morning with just a touch of fresh snow read more