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Getting to know me.

Vail Colorado Wedding Photographer | David Gillette

david gillette

 My Story.


As a Vail, Colorado wedding photographer I have been blessed to meet and photograph people from all around the world. The friendships that have been built through photography is something that I am grateful for everyday. I feel very honored  to do what I do and very proud to provide the best service that I can for my clients.

What moves and inspires me the most in people are the connections we all share between family, friends, and loved ones. The ties and affections we share in our relationships to others resides as the most important component of my work. Photography started for me the way any artistic desire often starts for a creative person: I have always loved documenting, through imagery, the connections I see in life.

When I moved to Vail, Colorado in 2005 I purchased my first digital camera, and I became awakened by the images I captured in an area as beautiful as the Colorado Rockies. I have the entire story of my life in photos, and this hobby of documenting my life through photography grew into a passion that I could no longer ignore.

In 2012 I graduated with an AAS in Professional Photography from Colorado Mountain College in Glenwood Springs, Colorado. My time developing new and creative technical skills through an education allowed me to truly understand the power of imagery inherent in the medium of photography. Through expressing the value of my own story, I found an ability that I could give to others to tell theirs.

With my love of documenting life, I provide a blend of artistic photojournalism with editorial and environmental portraiture to create a candid and relivable story, that is rich with impactful, fun and meaningful images.



To really get to know me, you have to see for yourself. Below are my recent Instagram pictures from my daily life. Feel free to browse through, follow along and leave me a message just to say hi! I love being able to see peoples everyday life and keep up on who’s doing what. With all the things we do, it’s so great to have a place like Instagram to share it with others.