Editorial Portrait

Conceptual Creations


The ability to tell a story through images drives my creative edge. Using photography to bring a conceptual idea into a tangible reality fascinates me as a photographer. Editorial photography is a powerful tool and reference point to any story worth sharing with the world.

Collaborating with others to convey an artistic idea that provides insight and further connects an artist to audience allows growth and adventure to flourish.

Whether it stand alone tells a story, adds to a story or as a series provides a window to a new idea or a way of life, editorial portraiture extends beyond words and connects you to others in several creative ways. The goal then becomes the process of creation; the result of fluid ideas and exchanges. I am available for this process in many ways. From capturing an image, to editing existing imagery, or collaborating on sites in a studio or on location, the excitement of creating something new through an editorial medium will endure in your photograph.


Weather Tested | Vail, Colorado

I have always been crazy about techie ski and snowboard gear for its toughness against the elements while keeping its warm, breathable comfort. Waterproof is great and all, but I wanted to see what else these great jackets and pants could put up with. (current project)



Locals | Vail, Colorado

When I first moved to Vail, Colorado I became fascinated by what it meant to be called a local. Many visitors to this beautiful mountain town have a tendency to throw the term “ski bum” around and I couldn’t help but wonder why. What I saw here were hard working people that had found a way to combine their choice in careers with a life style that fulfilled their love and passion for skiing and snowboarding. So I visited with everyone from bankers to paramedics to business owners and I asked them: “What does it mean to you to be a local?”