Silverthorne Pavilion Wedding | Amy & Charles | Silverthorne, CO

When I first met with Amy & Charles at the Silverthorne Pavilion to talk about their wedding plans, the comment, “I really want the mountain backdrop, but we’ll just see what happens with the weather” kept coming up. It’s a pretty common consideration with any wedding, especially when it’s in April, outdoors, in the mountains at Sapphire Point. Well, it turned out to be just the adventure they were looking for and what fit them perfectly.

Amy & Charles are a truly laid back, roll-with-it kind of couple and it was proven several times throughout the day. They perfectly planned and timed out setting up their reception with all of their friends and family before the ceremony. They managed a groomsman with a flight cancelation, a forgotten pair of grooms pants, a cupcake car accident disaster (no one was hurt), and unpredictable, relentless back & forth weather.  They did it all with a smile, a laugh and a beer. Nothing would bother them and nothing would stop them from being outside to exchange their vows. It was beautiful to watch everyone contently tolerate the cold so they could witness their special moment.

After the ceremony, we braved the cold and wind for some really great photos before heading to the reception. After the toasts, the dances and the cake was cut (and smashed into each others faces), mother nature was finally good to us and we snuck outside for some sunset photos with the mountain backdrop we were all hoping for.

Congratulations, Amy & Charles!